​ September 2016 - Present.  Art Instructor.  Pre K - 4th Grades

   After School Program.  Friends Select School.  Philadelphia, PA.

   Summer 2016 - Present.  Art Instructor.  Pre K - 5th Grades

   Future Stars (Summer) Day Camp.  Friends Select School.

   Philadelphia, PA.

  January 2017 - May 2017.  Student Art Teacher.  Pre K - 4th Grades

  Cooperating Teacher:  Dan Deslaurier, Lower School Art Teacher.

  Friends Select School.  Philadelphia, PA.

  October 2016 - December 2016.  Assistant Art Teacher.  3rd & 4th Grades

  Class:  3D Studio Arts.  Cooperating Teacher:  Krystyn Satko.

  Saturday Arts Lab.  University of the Arts.  Philadelphia, PA.

  Fall 1997 & Fall 1998 Semesters.  Graduate Teaching Assistant

  Class:  Hardcore (sculpture seminar).  Cooperating Teacher:  Fritz Buehner.

  School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts University.   Boston,  MA.

  Fall 1994 - Spring 1996.  Art History Tutor.  Students with Special Needs

  Tutoring Center.  Monmouth University.  West Long Branch, NJ.






​    October 2017.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference

    Multicultural Resource Center, Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools

    Lecture:  From Zigzag to Frankenstein:  Teaching Diversity and Inclusion in the Lower

    School Classroom through Art and Literature

    William Penn Charter School.  Philadelphia, PA

    November 2016.  Christie's Education.  New York, NY

    Crossover:  High Art, Fine Fashion (Short Course)

    Lecture:  Undressing Art and Fashion:  Selections from the Book:  ART + FASHION:  

    Collaborations & Connections Between Icons, by E.P. Cutler and Julien Tomasello  





    October 2016.  New York Times 'Best-Sellers' List

    PANTONE on Fashion:  A Century of Color in Design


​    March 2009.  Merit Award (Fashion Editorial - Photography Direction)

    Pub 44 Awards.  Society of Publication Designers (SPD)

    May 1996.  Art Department Creativity Award (Commencement Award)

    Monmouth University


Currently Lives and Works in the Greater Philadelphia, PA Area

Julien Tomasello  MFA, MAT


​    2017.  Master of Art in Teaching in Visual Art Education

    University of the Arts

    Philadelphia, PA

    3.9 GPA

    1999.  Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art

    School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts University 

​    Boston, MA

    N/A GPA


​    1996.  Bachelor of Art in Studio Art, Magna Cum Laude

    Minor:  Art History

    Parsons School of Design / Monmouth University

​    New York, NY / West Long Branch, NJ

    3.97 GPA

Art Educator



​    March 2000 - April 2003.  Gallery Director.  Bernard Toale Gallery

    Boston, MA






New York Times Best-Selling

Art & Photography Editor




​    August 2016.  My Philadelphia Story

    Philadelphia International Airport.  Terminal F.  Row 5 / Column 32

    Philadelphia, PA




Gender Fluid


    Noel Kirnon, Personal Collection

    New York, NY



     January 2019, AVERAGE ART #30.  Liverpool, UK

     Art Inclusion:  Last Dance [Secrets of Summer]

    Spring 2018, NUMiNOUS Mag:  Taboo Issue

    Art inclusion:    Ophelia:  The Ciao! Manhattan Re-Release [Icarus:  The Re-Mixes]


Born 1970 (USA)


​    2019.  Contemporary Art / Art History Book (Publishing Date, Title TBA)

    Author & Picture Editor:  Julien Tomasello



    November 2015.  ART + FASHION:  Collaborations & Connections Between Icons

    Co-Author:  E.P. Cutler.  Co-Author & Picture Editor:  Julien Tomasello

    Chronicle Books  


    September 2014.  PANTONE on Fashion:  A Century of Color in Design

    Color Expert:  Leatrice Eiseman, Writer:  E.P. Cutler, Picture Editor:  Julien Tomasello

    Chronicle Books.  New York Times 'Best-Seller'





    ​February 2019.  21st Annual Postcards from the Edge [Visual AIDS]


    New York, NY

​    January 2018.  20th Annual Postcards from the Edge [Visual AIDS]

    Gallery 524

    New York, NY


    April 2016.  Relic Futura

    Gallery One Collective

    Philadelphia, PA  

​    February 2016.  Bodies

​    Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery.  Tyler School of Art.  Temple University

​    Philadelphia, PA​​




Julien Tomasello (b.  1970, USA) is a gender fluid, multi-media Artist, New York Times best-selling Art & Photography Editor and Author, and Art Educator.

​Julien currently lives and works in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area.