Our next project was (the very fun) BUBBLE PAINTINGS.  Twenty drops of food coloring was added to individual bottles of children’s bubble liquid in vivd colors such as blue, green, purple, red, pink, and yellow.  We then captured some of this colored-liquid in our bubble wands and carefully blew very close to our pieces of white, watercolor paper. The tinted bubbles collided with the paper, eventually exploded, and created fantastic colored-patterns.  The campers were instructed to fill their entire paper with these patterns. The results speak for themselves! 

The Duck Two’s performance was to a roaring 1920’s song.  Therefore, the props we created in the Art Room reflected that theme.  The gentleman all wore black top-hats with silver, art deco ribbons and a colorful feathers applied.  Deborah, one of the Duck Two Counselors, helped mightily by creating crepe paper bowties.  The dapper gents looked incredible! 

Show week was certainly a highlight of the 2016 summer season!  Hard to believe that next week is our LAST WEEK of camp at Friends Select.  What a great summer.

Until next week~~~~ Teacher Julien 

I then demonstrated the process of crayon/watercolor resist – or what occurs when pigmented water is placed over colored wax.  The next step was to explain the concept and method of gestural painting – or using hand/arm gestures, while holding a loaded paintbrush, in order to achieve pattern and a sense of movement with paint.

Campers then got to work creating their own painted and collaged paintings of THEIR outer space.  I’m so proud of the campers’ efforts and successes and look forward to displaying their work for the rest of the camp and families to enjoy.  Here are just a few examples:

Greetings from the Art Room!  CARNIVAL WEEK has now come and gone amid a flurry of anticipation and excitement from our campers (and our counselors and           instructors :-) Friday’s afternoon Carnival was a huge success.  I so enjoyed meeting the many families that accompanied the campers as they traveled back and forth between the cafeteria and gymnasium partaking in the colorful games and activities available to them.

I was stationed in the cafeteria where I ran the SPIN ART station. What a great machine – and a valuable (and fun) tool for teaching campers about color and color mixing.  Each student was able to select various colors of tempera paint which where then poured through the Spin Art machine’s wire top.  The paints landed on a spinning, rectangular piece of white paper.  The spinning effect allowed for incredible patterns and mixing of colors.  Campers did not know what their final designs looked like until the Spin Art’s top was opened, causing the paper to stop spinning.  Each student received a frame to display their creation. 

The Pandas, Ducks, and Penguins celebrated Carnival Week by creating COTTON CANDY COLLAGES using actual cotton balls and craft sticks.  We are still in the process of creating these adorable confections.  Our final step will be to lightly paint the cotton balls with watercolors to simulate the campers’ favorite flavors.

Here is a photograph of the work in progress...

Here is the finished Penguin Blue Team Banner: 

On the day camp resumes from the July 4th holiday, each GEG group will present their completed space craft to the class.  No doubt it will be an exciting day!  I will then hang these space crafts in the school for all to enjoy (photos TK).

Until next week....Happy 4th of July!  Teacher Julien. 


Hello! Julien Tomasello here – the new Art Instructor at Future Stars Camp at Friends Select. I’m so excited to be a part of Future Stars, and what at amazing first week in the Art Room! The campers began the week with creating their own LEGO CHARACTERS using figure templates, crayons, markers, colored pencils, and their imaginations!  For the older campers this was a lesson in CHARACTER DESIGN – just like the creative professionals who produce some of the campers' favorite animated films do it.

The next project campers undertook in the Art Room was 2D & 3D CUT PAPER COLLAGES on black paper.  Campers experimented with the concepts of two dimensional and three dimensional space within the medium of collage.  The results were an explosion of colorful, wild, and wonderful ideas that literally sprang forth from their papers. 

The Dragons and Hawks honored BEACH AND BOARDWALK WEEK by creating STYROFOAM BOWL AND PLATE JELLY FISH!  These hanging sculptures celebrate the silent and graceful sea creatures by incorporating styrofoam bowls and plates to form the iconic bell-shaped body; and colored streamers, ribbons, and yarns to symbolize the swaying tentacles.  Once the styrofoam pieces were combined together with glue, campers covered the body with tissue paper designs of their choosing. 


​And what a show it was!  The FUTURE STARS 2016 SUMMER CAMP SHOW took place this past Friday, August 13th to a packed house of camper families and friends.  I am so proud of the creativity and dedication of our campers.  Also, our very talented Hollywood instructor Jasmine did an amazing job of working with each camper group to develop choreography for their dance performances.

Teacher Jasmine with campers Daniela and Georgia:

We repeated the glue and sand steps until everyone’s castle was covered in an even layer of sand.  Next week, we will add toothpick and paper flags to the tops of our castles, then decorate with mini seashells.  Sand castles at the beach never looked this colorful! 


Hello from the creatively-chaotic Art Room!  Teacher Julien reporting-in after Week 03 of Future Stars Camp 2016 at Friends Select.  Before I begin detailing all the fun happenings in the Art Room from this past week, here’s a photo of the completed display of campers’ CRAYON AND WATERCOLOR RESIST GESTURAL ‘OUTER SPACE’ PAINTINGS completed last week (stop by and take a look as you drop-off or pick-up your camper): 


I’m so impressed with the GEG’s ability to collaborate in groups and incorporate everyone’s vision into their creations.  I am planning to hang each of these amazing space vessels around the school for everyone to enjoy.

Now let’s go to the BEACH & BOARDWALK and see the Pandas, Ducks, and Penguins’ PAPER PLATE FISH!  These colorful and eclectic creations were made with paper plates, crayons, and google-eyes, then further crafted with cut pieces of tissue paper and glue (the Penguins also used glitter for added underwater sparkle).  We began this project with a discussion about fish:  what they are, their body parts, then followed with visuals of the endless variations of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns of fish (giving the campers free rein to let their creativity soar): 

Meanwhile, the Duck Two ladies wore colorful flapper headbands with a paper leaf, colored feather, sequin, and glitter-gem accent.  Beautiful!  Everyone looked ready for a night out at the Ritz! 



​Future Stars’ mission is to provide a quality service that reaches beyond our campers and parents’ highest expectations.  We want campers to experience the best of the best!


...And here’s the campers using papier mache’:

Meanwhile, the Dragons, Hawks, and GEG’s completed their HYBRID ANIMALS.  Final layers of papier mache’ were applied to armatures, and dried sculptures were painted with tempera.  Google eyes and pipe cleaners were applied as finishing touches.

Presenting a Spizebra (spider + zebra).  This fella is kinda cute! 

The Carnival did not happen without preparation from Future Stars’ counselors and instructors.  Even the campers contributed.  In the Art Room, the Gophers, Eagles, and Gators (GEG’s) were given the task of creating the CARNIVAL SIGNS for the many games and activities available at the carnival.  Some GEG’s chose to illustrate their signs with fun images. 

And with that, I will bid Adieu to my amazing campers and colleagues at Future Stars Camp @ Friends Select for this season.  A heartfelt thank you to them – and the many camper family members I met, who all made being Art Instructor such a memorable and valuable experience.  I hope to meet you once again next summer in the Art Room.  Have a safe, healthy, and happy year!

Art Teacher Julien signing off! 

All campers enjoyed our next art project:  taking on the role of SNEAKER DESIGNER or CAKE DECORATOR.  Starting with a cake or sneaker template, campers used crayons, markers, colored-pencils and collage materials (pom poms, sequins, glitter, beads, yarns, and ribbons) to design their own themed cakes and sneakers.  The results are as eclectic and creative as our campers, and are now on display in the 16th street lobby of Friends Select – check ’em out the next time you drop-off or pick-up a camper!

Here’s some of our Hawks and their completed animals.  Well done Hawks! 

Each section receives its own Zentangle pattern.  One of the camper’s initials was filled with Zentangle patterns on the inside of the letter, while the other initial received its patterns on the outside of the letter.  We then mounted both completed initials on colorful paper and added paper strips with the students’ first and last names written.

                           Here is the Fine Arts Group hard at work on their Zentangle Initials:

This year’s Camp Show title was, ‘Through The Decades’ because each camper group select ed and performed a song representative of a different decade in history.  The concept for our stage design reflected this theme in its outer space/time travel creative direction.

A sketch of the stage design:

Our post-book discussion with the Hawks revealed that camper Fern recently wrote and published her own book, The Elves and the Cloud Castle.  Fern was nice enough to bring in her story, and I loved reading it to the group.  Well done Fern!  She has two more books in this series planned! 

Meanwhile, the GEG’s were divided into three groups.  Each group was given the scenario of being stuck in space for an extended period of time.  As a class, we discussed the concerns an astronaut might have with such a scenario and the design elements one might wish to incorporate into a space craft to physically, mentally, and aeronautically aid them through such an experience. 

To celebrate our ZOO WEEK theme, the Dragons, Hawks, and GEG’s began creation of PAPIER MACHE' HYBRID ANIMALS. 

On Friday, the Camp celebrated DA VINCI WEEK by taking campers on an AFTERNOON ART TOUR.  Campers got the chance to see and discuss the art they’ve created thus far during camp.  I was thrilled to witness the interest and enthusiasm of our campers when viewing the various art displays – and was very impressed with their abilities to question and discuss the art on display and what it meant to them.  Here are the art displays around camp:

Each GEG group was then presented with their ‘mission’ – to conceptually collaborate on the DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF THEIR OWN SPACE CRAFT that successfully represents each group’s unique set of concerns and design features.  For three days and using basic art materials such as boxes, paper towel rollers, tissue paper, and paints, each GEG group worked to complete their ‘mission’.  Here are a few photos of the GEG’s hard at work: 

The Ducks, Penguins, Dragons, and Hawks were treated to, Pool by JiHyeon Lee.  This is one of my all-time favorite books for children.  The book contains no words, just engaging illustrations that take the reader on a fantastical journey as a lonely boy dives under a crowded pool, meets a fellow child swimmer, and together experience an unforgettable journey.  Pool is exceptional because, like its protagonists, the book asks 'readers' to tap into their imaginations to create a story.  The book also highlights how a drawing can unfold more and more details the longer it’s viewed.  A good companion art project to this story is to have young artists create their own underwater world (in crayon, marker, and/or paint), complete with fantastical creatures and places.

The campers began by filling their styrofoam cups (which acted as their ‘buckets’) with Model Magic (which acted as ‘wet sand’).  Once the campers ripped the styrofoam cups away, the Model Magic was revealed to have molded to the interior shape of the cup.  Once turned over, the Magic became a sand castle!  The campers then added their own additional clay features like windows, doorways, towers, and even large starfish. 


Julien Tomasello  MFA, MAT

Here’s the Hawk Gold Team creating their banner: 

The next project our Pandas, Ducks, and Penguins began was CLAY AND SAND SANDCASTLES!  Instead of using wet sand and buckets (as we would during a fun day at the beach), we used Model Magic (clay), styrofoam cups, brilliantly colored sand, and glue: 

I keep these rules posted on the Art Room board.  In addition to teaching our campers art concepts and methods, I also try to instill and reinforce respect for each other’s ideas and the materials we use to express them.  Of particular interest to the campers is the third rule, ‘Have fun!  There are no mistakes in art!’.  Young artists (and even adults) may feel intimidated or hesitant to express ideas or take chances creatively.  I try to reinforce the idea that every result (even those we don’t expect) has the potential to lead us to a positive and new place; and to work with the mistakes that inevitably happen to all artists.  I am thrilled when I hear one camper remark to another, ‘Don’t worry, there are no mistakes in art’.  Makes an art teacher proud !

This week was ‘Space Week’ at Future Stars Camp at Friends Select, and while the Pandas, Ducks, and Penguins were having fun learning about flowers (their parts and purposes), then decorating their own PAPER PLATE FLOWERS (the photo below shows the flowers displayed on the hallway wall outside the Art Room)... 

But the centerpiece of the set design was a huge FUTURE STARS SPACE SHIP complete with a crew of campers... 

And here are just some of the finished castles...

...And here are some examples of finished work: 

Here are our campers building armatures using paper towel rollers and other paper and wood materials: 


Happy weekend from Art Teacher Julien!  Yet another fun and art-filled week at Future Stars Camp at Friends Select!  This week was the Camp’s annual BLUE & GOLD WEEK which saw campers and counselors divided into two teams:  the
BLUES and the GOLDS.  The instructors (including myself) performed as judges.  Most of the week’s activities positioned the two teams ‘against’ one another (in the friendliest and most spirited of ways) to earn points.  These points were then tallied daily.  On Friday, the team with the most points was crowned 2016’s BLUE AND GOLD WEEK WINNER....and the winner was......BLUE TEAM!!!   But in actuality, every camper, regardless of their team color, was a winner due to their dedication, enthusiasm, performance, and good sportsmanship in all events.

The Art Room was not exempt from the Blue & Gold fever that swept Camp.  The Gophers, Eagles, and Gators (GEG’s) started the week with a demonstration from their counselor Shannon on the art of ‘GYMP’ or ‘BOONDOGGLE’ BRACELET MAKING – a more advanced variation of traditional friendship-bracelet weaving.  Gymp or Boondoggle weaving is a 3-string, lacing technique used to create bracelets, belts, key chains, bookmarks, and the like.  I gave the GEG’s options of creating blue or gold-hued bracelets to commemorate this week's camp theme, or choosing from the many options of colored cords available to them. 

Towards the end of our week, the Art Room was in a state of flux as I was packing our art supplies for storage.  But that’s no reason to stop imaginations from flourishing.  I used this opportunity to present some of my favorite books to the Pandas, Ducks, Penguins, Hawks, and Dragons.

The Pandas were treated to Zigzag, the cloth doll who is shunned by the other dolls in the store because he does not look like them.  Zigzag goes on a perilous quest to find love and acceptance from a child.  A wonderful story about difference, acceptance, and judging others based on who they are – not what they look like.  A great companion art project is to have young artists create their own ZigZag doll from bits of fabric, yarn, paper, and buttons.

the Dragons, Hawks, and GEG’s were exploring all things space! 

​The Dragons and Hawks created stunning CRAYON-WATERCOLOR RESIST COLLAGED GESTURAL-PAINTINGS of outer space.  We began the project with a discussion about the objects and elements we might encounter in outer space such as:  asteroids, black holes, satellites, stars...and even an extraterrestrial or two!  We then talked about the colors that make-up outer space (it’s certainly not all black). 

the campers then got busy ‘fishing’... 

Future Stars Day Camps have been the leader in unforgettable summer camp experiences since 1971

Here is the finished Penguin Gold Team Banner: 

Then it was time for ALL CAMPERS to compete in the annual BLUE & GOLD BANNER COMPETITION!  Younger campers (Pandas, Ducks, and Penguins) were divided into their Blue & Gold Teams, then given the challenge of creating the most eye-catching banner.  The Dragons, Hawks, and GEG’s were also divided into their Blue & Gold Teams and given the same challenge for their own banner.  All campers had access to any art materials found in the Art Room.  Crayons, markers, paint, glitter, beads, shells, and even paper sculpture all found their place within the banners.

The creation of the banners was not just a lesson in logo/slogan design.  The project also exposed the campers to creative collaboration – having a large group of artists applying their own ideas and marks to others’ work, with the goal of creating one unified, artistic vision that communicates a clear message.

Here is the
GEG Blue Team working on their banner:  

Group B poses with their impressive creation... 

Camp Philosophy


The Future Stars philosophy is rooted in the belief that we are responsible for the health, safety, and personal growth of all our campers.  We believe that the positive example of our entire staff will directly reflect on the attitude of all our campers.  We believe that each day should provide a learning experience in promoting self-esteem, meeting new friends, and mastering new tasks, for both campers and staff, in an environment of fun, cooperation, and caring.  All of us:  staff and campers, work together to help each other reach our potential.  It is our duty to make sure each camper comes to understand the meaning of friendship, teamwork, and accomplishment.  This philosophy is captured in a relaxed atmosphere where learning is emphasized and fun is demanded.


More amazing art projects are in store for our campers.......to be continued.

- Teacher Julien 

Next week, I'll post photos of our finished Papier Mache' Hybrid Animals.  Until then, have an inspiring and creative week!  Teacher Julien. 

...and gives a tour of its many unique design elements. 

Group C with their American-themed space craft...  

Art Instructor


As Art Instructor, I teach eight art classes per day, each forty minutes in length, five days per week.  Future Stars campers range in age from three to twelve years.  Each season I build upon the art curriculum to include age-appropriate two and three-dimensional lessons incorporating an inventive mix of traditional and non-traditional materials.  I present projects that are often interdisciplinary and alternate between solo and group expression and experimentation.  My art room has a 'no mistakes' approach to art making.  My special duties include instruction of the Fine Arts Week classes, set and prop design for the seasonal Camp Show, and creation of engaging art bulletin boards and installations around camp.



Hello from the Art Room!  Another fun and art-filled week for campers at Future Stars.  The Pandas, Ducks, and Penguins completed their COTTON CANDY COLLAGES begun last week.  Each group painted watercolor ‘flavors’ onto their cotton balls, then finished their projects by adding designs to their cotton candy holders using tempera paints.

                        Here’s our Ducks working on their Cotton Candy Collages:

August is just above the horizon!  Our last month of summer so let’s make it a sunny and creative one!  Until next time......Teacher Julien 


In the Art Room, campers created hundreds of planets and stars out of paper, tempera paint, and glitter... 

And here are the completed results along with our display. Looks terrific! 

The last project completed in the Fine Arts Group was TIE-DYE T-SHIRTS.  Campers were so excited to bring in their shirts and learn the various twisting and rubber-band techniques that create such iconic tie-dye designs as the ‘bull’s-eye’, and ‘donut’.  Future Stars’ Camper- In-Training, Zoe, led the tie-dye demonstration and helped the campers succesfully create their t-shirt designs.  Great work Zoe! 

We then created ANDY GOLDSWORTHY-INSPIRED NATURE PRINTS.  I collected bags of sticks, rocks, pine cones, and leaves from my home and combined them with sea shells and feathers already found in the Art Room.  Campers were also encouraged to bring in any materials from nature they could find around their homes.  Campers were each given one sheet of Nature Print Paper (easily found in any art store). This blue paper is sunlight-sensitive and 'develops’ when exposed to natural light. 

Campers then selected a variety of materials from our nature findings and created an interesting composition on top of their sheets of Nature Print Paper.  We then carefully carried our compositions outside and placed them in the sun for five minutes to ‘develop’.  The compositions were then carried back inside the Art Room and placed in a cold water bath for approximately two to three minutes to complete the development phase.

Campers created two prints during this lesson which were then mounted to construction paper.  This project was an excellent lesson in positive and negative space, and composition. 

Back in the Art Room, I presented the Hawks and GEG’s with the work of British sculptor and environmental artist ANDY GOLDSWORTHY .  Goldsworthy is famous for his site-specific art installations in nature using found materials directly from the location.  His work is beautiful and magical in the way it transforms nature’s everyday objects such as sticks, leaves, and rocks into breathtaking and fluid pieces of art.

MIXED-MEDIA PINCH POTS was the next project in the Art Room.  Pandas, Ducks, Penguins, and Dragon Hawks were taught how to ‘prep’ clay, then create pinch pots from air-dry Model Magic.  GEG’s were taught the concept of a vessel, then given the objective of creating any shape, object, or animal as long as it fulfilled the definition of a vessel. All completed pieces were painted with tempera and decorated further with materials such as yarn, ribbon, se- quins, pom-poms, and glitter.  The results were spectacular!  I could not wait to display the pinch pots by the cafeteria, just inside the 16th street entrance, so all campers, families, and staff could see and enjoy them.  Amazing job campers! 

More next week as we celebrate CARNIVAL WEEK!  Have a happy and creative week! ~~~Art Teacher Julien 


​The final week of Future Stars at Friends Select has now come to a close for the 2016 summer season.  I think it fitting that one of the projects completed in the Art Room this week was our FOOTPRINT BEACH PAINTINGS.  Footprints themselves are symbols of the journey traveled, of places we have stood.  For myself and this season’s exceptional group of campers, we undertook a journey of exploration and creation within the world of art.  We explored how materials such as clay, paint, cardboard, leaves, shells, shaving cream, sand, soap bubbles, the sun, and even our own feet could be used as vehicles to express ideas, emotions, and create art.  I was thrilled to witness expressions of surprise, wonder, and joy on the faces of the campers as they traveled down the path of artistic creation – taking ordinary materials and transforming them into vessels that housed their individual ideas.  For many of them this journey was summed-up in one word – FUN!  For me, their Art Teacher, this journey was deeply satisfying, inspiring, and validating.  Art is magic.

With our FOOTPRINT BEACH PAINTINGS, Ducks and Penguins learned about patterns.  They first drew the patterns of ocean water and sand in crayon.  They then used watercolors to create the many hues found in ocean water and beach sand. 


And how fantastic is this Girtle (giraffe + turtle)?  In the foreground is an equally amazing Brake (bear and snake)... 

(You can see individual examples of the campers’ paintings in the entry from Week 02).

Wow – what a busy and satisfying week!  Campers returned from their July 4th holidays ready to create!  To celebrate summer, this week’s camp theme was Beach & Boardwalk.  But before the Gophers, Eagles, and Gators (GEG’s) could bury their toes in the sand, we had unfinished business to complete from last week:  the presentation of each group’s SPACE CRAFT.  You’ll recall from last week’s blog entry,  the GEG’s were divided into three groups and each was given the mission of designing and constructing a unique space craft for extended travel in outer space.  Here are the amazing results:

Group A poses with their space craft... 

The Duck One’s performed a dance to the iconic 1980’s song, ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson.  Their prop for the performance was Michael Jackson’s equally iconic sequined glove.  In the Art Room, we created glitter gloves from black construction paper, silver glitter, and yarn (used to tie the gloves to the campers’ hands).  I must say, the campers loved their gloves and they showed-up beautifully on stage! 

All-in-all, a terrific and art-charged week!

I’m super-excited for this coming week.  Week 05’s theme is DA VINCI WEEK after the legendary artist, scientist, architect, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.  Most camp activities will be influenced by the arts and sciences and will culminate in an ART SHOW on FRIDAY JULY 22ND, 2016!  ALL CAMPERS AND FAMILIES ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND in the afternoon before camp ends for the day.  Refreshments will be served.  Campers' work will be exhibited throughout the school.  See you there!

-Art Teacher Julien 

And the finished Dragon, Hawk, and GEG Gold Team Banner : 

...and presents its unique features to the rest of the class. 

First, we discussed the definition of ‘hybrid’ and how it pertains to the animal kingdom.  A few, real-life, hybrid animals, such as mules, were used as examples.  Next, the campers were instructed to form small groups, then conceptualize their own hybrid animals.  Sketches followed.  I then explained the purpose of an armature in sculpture and demonstrated how to construct one using paper towel rollers, craft sticks, and crumpled paper.  Once each group’s sketch was approved, campers began construction of their own armatures.

THEN THE REAL FUN BEGAN – PAPIER MACHE’!  For the benefit of those campers who were unfamiliar with papIer mache’,  I explained the various ways it’s made, its purpose, and its result.  Groups then began using papIer mache’ to cover their armatures and further perfect their animal forms.  Next week, we’ll finish using papIer mache’ and move onto painting and adorning our hybrid animal forms with various art and craft materials. 

...explaining its finer details to an interested audience.  

Presenting the finished Dragon, Hawk, and GEG Blue Team Banner: 

...and here’s the finished display.  It reads, ‘Future Stars Is A Cool School Of Fish’...and indeed it is.  As this eclectic installation of fish proves, all of our Future Stars campers are unique and creative individuals! 


Another week has passed at Future Stars Camp.  Hard to believe we are more than half way through our 2016 season.  The warm, sunny days are flying by!  This past week was a HUGE one in the Art Room.  We celebrated DA VINCI WEEK, named after the iconic Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci.  I also did double-teaching duty as the instructor for the week-long FINE ARTS GROUP.  A very special Thank You to Emily, the Camp’s Computer Instructor for leading the Art Room’s morning groups. She did an outstanding job!

In the FINE ARTS GROUP, we began our week-long, art exploration by creating ZENTANGLE INITIALS.  Campers began by drawing a ‘bubble letter’ of their initials on two pieces of construction paper.  I then taught campers the technique of Zentangle – a popular (and relaxing) drawing style where small, intricate, repeating patterns are created in ink on a sectioned piece of paper. 

Meanwhile, the Dragons and Hawks (and later, the GEG’s) were introduced to the art of SUMINAGASHI.  Suminagashi is the ancient art of Japanese paper marbling. Traditionally, artisans fill large trays with water.  On top of this, they add oil-based, colored inks.  Because oil and water do not mix, the colored inks remain on the surface of the water.  A stick-like tool is used to gently swirl the ink, thus creating a marble pattern.  Paper is placed on top of the ink and water-filled tray and left for several minutes; allowing the marbled ink design to transfer to the paper.

For our Suminagashi lesson, we replaced water with SHAVING CREAM - yes, shaving cream (much to the squeals of delight and disbelief from the campers)!  The oil-based, colored inks were replaced by liquid watercolors.  When I first demonstrated this technique to the campers and scraped away the excess shaving cream from the dipped paper, campers applauded and shouted over the beauty of the marbled designs and effectiveness of this technique. 


Hello from the Art Room!  Teacher Julien reporting-in after another fun and creatively- charged week at Future Stars Camp at Friends Select.  I’m so impressed with the interest and talent of our campers.  They make teaching art such a joy.  Before I begin describing the art happenings from this past week, I wanted to highlight the Art Room’s ‘3 Golden Rules’: 

​Next, each student had their feet painted in the color tempera paint of their choice, then made footprints on their paintings.  You can call this technique PRINTMAKING FROM LIFE... 

Now for the really fun part!  The campers covered their castles with glue then placed them into one of the brilliantly-colored bins of sand. 

The Dragons and Hawks honored BEACH AND BOARDWALK WEEK by creating STYROFOAM BOWL AND PLATE JELLY FISH!  These hanging sculptures celebrate the silent and graceful sea creatures by incorporating styrofoam bowls and plates to form the iconic bell-shaped body; and colored streamers, ribbons, and yarns to symbolize the swaying tentacles.  Once the styrofoam pieces were combined together with glue, campers covered the body with tissue paper designs of their choosing.